PMN Release 15.5

December 2022
Release Information: 

The data content of all 126 databases are described on our Content Statistics page while the data sources and methods for each database's contruction are listed on the Databases Overview page

Past releases are described in the Release Notes Archives and Databases Overview Archives


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Overall Highlights: 

We are pleased to announce the release of PMN 15.5! In PMN 15.5, twenty-five of our databases have been regenerated using new upstream genome releases. The updated databases are:

AhalleriCyc, BarleyCyc, BrachypodiumCyc, CacuminataCyc, CassavaCyc, ChineseCabbageCyc, ChlamyCyc, CornCyc, DrotundataCyc, EuropeanPearCyc, Fvesca_vescaCyc, GrapeCyc, LjaponicusCyc, MtruncatulaCyc, OilPalmCyc, PhalliiCyc, PoplarCyc, PotatoCyc, RchinensisCyc, SfallaxCyc, TeaCyc, TomatoCyc, ValleyOakCyc, WheatACyc, and ZmarinaCyc.

PMN 15.5 also updates our backend to Pathway Tools 26.0 and contains minor fixes to several databases (fixed broken links, etc.).