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Get your data groove going with Groups!

Get the data you want in the format you need using the Groups functions at the PMN. 

* Got a list of up-regulated genes?

* Want to know all of the compounds present in the pathways they act in?

* Need to get their structures in SMILES or InChi format?

Then get going with PMN Groups

Simply register for free and then watch for opportunities to turn your search results into data-rich Groups.

Plant metabolism grabs the spotlight

Check out this special Science issue on Plant Metabolism

Peruse more than 10 reviews, reports, perspectives, and even a podcast to learn about some of the most recent high impact research on medicinal compounds, carbon and nitrogen metabolism, hormonal modifications, metabolic pathway diversification and evolution, and much more . . .

BLAST into four new species!

  • Deciphering the function of an unknown protein?
  • Searching for a related enzyme in a plant species?
  • Want access to a trusted set of enzymes?

Then come BLAST against our new enzyme datasets for corn, soybean, cassava, and wine grape.

Plus, check out our updated BLAST sets for Arabidopsis, poplar, and PlantCyc and new set of Reference Enzymes (2.0).

All PMN BLAST datasets can also be downloaded for local use!

Intern input connects you to compounds

We are grateful to our undergraduate interns who have enriched our new and "old" databases with references citing evidence of many compounds found in each species. Check out the bottom of each pathway page to connect to these pertinent publications. 

Please take a look at:

Thank you to Damian Priamurskiy and Tam Tran for their efforts!