CornCyc 3.5



** Please note: The initial PMN 8.0 release in June 2013 included CornCyc 3.0. Proteins not associated to reactions were removed from CornCyc 3.0 to produce this updated version (CornCyc 3.5).

Protein Sequence Source: 
Enzyme Functional Annotation Method: 
Enzyme Evidence: 
  • Almost exclusively large-scale computational predictions of enzyme function not subject to curator review
  • Small number of manually curated enzymes
Pathway Prediction Program: 
Pathway Tools 16.5
SAVI pathway validation lists: 
Pathway Evidence: 
  • Primarily computational prediction of pathways followed by SAVI refinement and curator review
  • Additional pathways imported from MetaCyc and MaizeGDB based on experimental evidence or curator inference