PlantCyc 9.5 and PapayaCyc 3.5 release

We are pleased to announce PlantCyc 9.5, which fixes a bug in PlantCyc (version 9.0), which was released in September 5, 2014. This bug was caused by internal ID conflict affected only P. patens and C. papaya enzyme annotations in PlantCyc (9.0). Overall, the incorrect annotations accounted for about 2% of total enzyme annotations in PlantCyc (9.0). We have now fixed the problem in PlantCyc 9.5. Also released is an updated PapayaCyc 3.5 with new internal IDs.

PlantCyc 9.5 and PapayaCyc 3.5 will be available for download on our ftp site shortly (on Nov 7th).