Recent News

We want your data at the ASPB Meeting!

Please come to a database overview and hands-on community curation workshop at the ASPB Meeting co-hosted by the PMN. We want your help to get the lastest information on plant metabolism into our resources.


  • August 7
  • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Auditorium 1

Please e-mail us at to let us know if you can stay after the workshop to directly submit your latest information on plant compounds, enzymes, or pathways to the PMN.

You can also learn more about all the PMN resources at our poster:

P02029: The Plant Metabolic Network: PlantCyc, AraCyc, and more metabolic pathway databases for plant research 

Better Metabolic Over-viewing!

Use the improved Metabolic Overview to easily

  • overlay experimental data
  • find and highlight compounds, enzymes, and reactions
  • zoom and pan

against the backdrop of the Arabidopsis or Poplar metabolic map! 

Whenever you are viewing a single species database like AraCyc you can access the Metabolic (Cellular) Overview from the Tools menu

More details about this improved resource can be found in a recent publication 

New PMN releases!

Please come search for your favorite pathways in the newest versions of our PMN databases

  • PlantCyc 5.0
  • AraCyc 8.0
  • PoplarCyc 3.0

With over 40 new pathways and 150 new enzymes, the PMN will help you gain new insights into plant metabolism 

PMN presentations at a click

  • Have you attended a PMN workshop or presentation and wanted to review the material?
  • Did you miss a PMN talk at a recent conference and want to catch up?
  • Have you been looking for a quick way to find out about the data and tools available in the PMN?
  • Then please check out our presentations page and find an array of talks that aim to help researchers and students get access to the plant metabolic information they need.

Come visit the PMN at PAG

There are many ways to connect with a PMN curator at the Plant and Animal Genome XIX Conference in San Diego, California. You can attend a computer demo featuring speakers from three groups who provide plant metabolic pathway databases, read our poster, or get one-on-one help at the Plant Genome DB Outreach Consortium booth 

  • Computer Demo:

Sunday, January 16, 3:50 PM

  • Poster: C891
  • Booth: 427

We look forward to seeing you there! 

New PMN BLAST datasets!

Are you looking for an enzyme in Arabidopsis or poplar that is similar to your favorite protein? Please check out the two new datasets that are available for BLAST analyses: 

  • AraCyc Enzymes
  • PoplarCyc Enzymes

Our original Reference Enzymes and PlantCyc Enzymes datasets are also still available for sequence similarity-based searching. 

Read all about it . . . in the new PMN paper

  • Do you want a better understanding of how new PMN databases get predicted from genome sequences?
  • Would you like to read about potential ways to put the PMN to work in your research project?

Please come check out our recent article in Plant Physiology for this information and much more . . .


New viewer for a global metabolic map

New viewer for a global metabolic map

  • Do you want to highlight a compound or reaction on a global metabolic map for a single species?
  • Would you like to overlay your transcript expression, proteomic, or metabolomic data onto a zoomable set of pathways?

Please come check out the new metabolic (cellular) overview using AraCyc or PoplarCyc.