PMN Release 6.0

March 2012


Overall Highlights: 

The March 2012 release includes four NEWLY created databases for cassava, corn, grape, and soybean and also includes updates to the AraCyc, PoplarCyc, and PlantCyc databases.

PlantCyc now houses over 27000 proteins. And thanks to the addition of over 80 new pathways contributed by PMN and MetaCyc curators, PlantCyc now connects researchers to almost 900 metabolic pathways.

All of the PMN databases can now be explored using the updated 15.5 version of the Pathway Tools software.

We hope that these enhanced resources will be useful to researchers, educators, and students who want to learn more about plant metabolism!

Noteworthy new manually curated pathways: 
  • A new superpathway of seleno-compound metabolism brings together five different pathways that have potential importance for phytoremediation of toxic soils as well as human nutrition
  • Chrysanthemum seed pods contain an economically important natural pesticide whose production is described in the new pyrethrin biosynthesis pathway.
  • Production of the anti-bacterial plant volatile defense compound Sophoraflavanone G (SFG), also called kushenin (in traditional Chinese medicinal recipes) is accomplished through the SFG biosynthetic pathway in Sophora flavescens
  • L-N-delta-acetylornithine biosynthesis which generates a non-standard amino acid in Arabidopsis, may also help to protect plants against herbivory.