PMN Release 11.0

June 2016
Release Information: 

The data content of all 23 databases are described on our Content Statistics page while the data sources and methods for each database's contruction are listed on the Databases Overview page

Past releases are described in the Release Notes Archives and Databases Overview Archives


Overall Highlights: 

We are pleased to announce the PMN11 release. Highlights include the addition of curated information of rate-limiting steps in over 50 pathways. To see an example, follow this link,

To see a complete list of pathways with rate-limiting info, follow this link,

Clicking on any pathway from the SmartTable, you will see a pathway diagram where the rate-limiting reaction is indicated with an icon of hourglass. Mouse over the icon to see the literature source of the curated rate-limiting data. We will continue curating and adding available rate-limiting data from the literature.

In this release we removed additional data of macro-molecule metabolism from the PMN databases, including enzymes, reactions and pathways that metabolize or modify proteins, DNAs, and RNAs.

The PMN databases are now updated to the Pathway Tools 19.5 data schema.

Collaborator Release Notes: 

You can find more information on the releases provided by our collaborators at MetaCyc, the multi-species, multi-kingdom database, in their Release Notes