PMN Release 4.0

June 2010


Overall Highlights: 

Major Pathway Tools software upgrade:
A few highlights from the software upgrade from 12.5 to 14.0

Noteworthy new manually curated pathways: 
  • Two new biosynthetic routes (variant IV and variant V) for one of the major cell wall-bound phenolic acids, 4-hydroxybenzoate, have been added to PlantCyc.
  • The biosynthetic pathway for serinol, a free amine found on sugarcane leaf surface that has therapeutic potential for the treatment of cancers in the nervous system, can now be seen in PlantCyc.
  • The oxidized GTP and dGTP detoxification pathway involved in maintaing genomic integrity by removing mutagenic nucleotides has been entered into PlantCyc, AraCyc, and PoplarCyc
  • Two different modes of gibberellin inactivation (methylation and epoxidation) that are present in different species have been added to the appropriate PMN databases.
  • Lists of all pathways added to, updated in, or removed from the databases in the most recent releases are available for PlantCyc 4.0, AraCyc 7.0, and PoplarCyc 2.0