PoplarCyc 3.0 Release Notes

The PoplarCyc 3.0 release contains 10 new pathways that have been added by PMN and MetaCyc curators. 19 pathways have been updated and 1 pathway has been deleted from the previous version of PoplarCyc.

PoplarCyc 2.0 contains 309 pathways (excluding superpathways), 3422 enzymes*, and 1406compounds. Although the vast majority of the enzymes found in this database are from Populus trichocarpa experimentally-supported enzymes and pathways from other Populus species and hybrids will also be housed in this database.

Detailed database content statistics are available for PoplarCyc 3.0 and the other PMN databases

Please check out our lists of the following items:

* Note: The term enzyme refers to both monomers and complexes found in the databases.

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