PlantCyc 2.0 and AraCyc 5.0 release!

These releases contain many new pathways, enzymes, reactions, and compounds!

A few highlights . . .

  • PlantCyc 2.0 has a whole new set of predicted enzymes from Medicago, tomato, and rice mapped onto the metabolic pathways and more . . .
  • AraCyc 5.0 has new compounds identified through the NSF 2010 Metabolomics Project and from the KNApSAcK database and more . . .
  • You can read about all the new data and features in the PlantCyc and AraCyc release notes.
  • New downloads of the database files are available for registered users. Please sign-up today if you would like to access these valuable resources.
  • We are grateful for help from our contributors in the scientific community.