PMN 15.5 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of PMN 15.5! In this release, twenty-five of our databases have been regenerated using updated genome assemblies. We have also updated our backend to Pathway Tools 26.0 and made minor fixes to several databases (fixed broken links, etc.).

The databases updated with new genome releases are:

AhalleriCyc, BarleyCyc, BrachypodiumCyc, CacuminataCyc, CassavaCyc, ChineseCabbageCyc, ChlamyCyc, CornCyc, DrotundataCyc, EuropeanPearCyc, Fvesca_vescaCyc, GrapeCyc, LjaponicusCyc, MtruncatulaCyc, OilPalmCyc, PhalliiCyc, PoplarCyc, PotatoCyc, RchinensisCyc, SfallaxCyc, TeaCyc, TomatoCyc, ValleyOakCyc, WheatACyc, and ZmarinaCyc.

New features from Pathway Tools 26.0 include support for saving most web graphics (such as pathway diagrams, compound structures, and the cellular overview) as PDF, and better default zoom for large pathway diagrams.