PMN 15.0 Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of PMN 15. This release includes a new species, new features, and fixes to existing species:

  • We have released a new pathway genome database, StoraCyc, for the legume Senna tora
  • PMN now uses Pathway Tools 24.0, with new features that include:
    • All pathways that include transport between subcellular compartments are now shown with the compounds moving across the membranes. For example, the glutamate-glutamine shuttle in AraCyc
    • You can now pull up a SmartTable of all pathways, reactions, etc. for an organism right from the organism info page (e.g. this page for AraCyc) by clicking the orange SmartTable buttons next to the database statistics
  • The previous release of OryzaCyc erroneously included old enzyme data alongside the current data. The old data has now been removed