AraCyc 10.0



AraCyc is the most highly curated species-specific database present at the PMN. It has a large number of experimentally supported enzymes and metabolic pathways, but it also houses a substantial number of computationally predicted enzymes and pathways.

More information on AraCyc curation is available.

Protein Sequence Source: 

TAIR: various genome releases including TAIR10_pep_20110103_representative_gene_model

Enzyme Functional Annotation Method: 

Various methods over time including E2P2 1.0 and process described in Zhang 2010

Enzyme Evidence: 
  • Substantial manual curation of enzymes
  • In addition, large-scale computational predictions of enzyme function not subject to curator review
Pathway Prediction Program: 
several versions of Pathway Tools
SAVI pathway validation lists: 
Pathway Evidence: 
  • Substantial manual curation of pathways
  • Some computational prediction of pathways followed by curator review
  • Additional pathways imported from MetaCyc based on curator inference