Collaborators curate pathways or provide support for individual species-specific databases that were created and/or maintained by them. There is data exchange between PlantCyc and the collaborators' databases. There is also coordination of curation to set consistent curation rules and eliminate redundant efforts.

The release notes associated with each new version of PlantCyc list the information from the collaborators' databases that has been entered into PlantCyc. Each additional pathway entered may help to improve the ability of the Pathologic program to predict more pathways as new single species databases are generated using PlantCyc as a reference standard.

MetaCyc (general contact information)
SRI International

Peter Karp
Bioinformatics Director

Ron Caspi

Carol Fulcher

MaizeGDB - co-curator of CornCyc (general contact information)

Carolyn Lawrence
MaizeGDB Director
USDA ARS Iowa State University

Mary Schaeffer
MaizeGDB Curator

Jack Gardiner
MaizeGDB Curator
University of Arizona & Iowa State University

Lisa Harper
MaizeGDB Curator

Taner Sen
MaizeGDB Computational Biologist
USDA ARS Iowa State University

Carson Andorf
MaizeGDB Bioinformatics Engineer
USDA-ARS Iowa State University

Walther Group at GoFORSYS - co-curator of ChlamyCyc (general contact information)
Bernhardt-Walther Group at University of Toronto

Dirk Walther
Group Leader Bioinformatics
University of Toronto

CapCyc, CoffeaCyc, LycoCyc, NicotianaCyc, PetuniaCyc, PotatoCyc, and SolaCyc (general contact information)
Sol Genomics Network (SGN)

Lukas Mueller
SGN Director
Boyce Thompson Institute

Hartmut Foerster
MetaCyc Curator
Boyce Thompson Institute