Schrenkiella parvula

Schrenkiella parvula, also called Thellungiella parvula, is a small herbaceous plant that is closely related to Arabidopsis thaliana. It is often used as a model organism for environmental stress responses due to its small genome size, similarity to A. thaliana, and its extreme tolerance to salinity. The S. parvula genome is diploid and has a size of 140 Mb.


Genome release:

Dassanayake, M., Oh, D.H., Haas, J.S., Hernandez, A., Hong, H., Ali, S., Yun, D.J., Bressan, R.A., Zhu, J.K., Bohnert, H.J. and Cheeseman, J.M., 2011. The genome of the extremophile crucifer Thellungiella parvula. Nature genetics, 43(9), p.913.

Content written by Galyna Vakulenko Summer Intern 2018