Rosa chinensis

The Chinese rose (Rosa chinensis) is a flowering thorny shrub native to Southwestern China. It is a domesticated species of rose commonly grown as an ornamental plant. Due to its beautiful flowers and ability to repeatedly bloom, it has been used extensively in the breeding of modern garden roses, Rosa × odorata. Additionally, it is used in traditional Chinese medicine. The presented Chinese rose genome is haploid and has a size of 512 Mb.


Genome release:

Hibrand, L., Ruttink, T., Hamama, L., Kirov, I., Lakhwani, D., Zhou, N.N., Bourke, P., Daccord, N., Leus, L., Schulz, D. and Van deGeest, H., 2018. A high-quality sequence of Rosa chinensis to elucidate genome structure and ornamental traits. bioRxiv, p.254102.

Content written by Galyna Vakulenko Summer Intern 2018