Lotus japonicus

Lotus japonicus is a small plant belonging to the bean family (Fabaceae). It is a wild legume and forage crop native to Japan and other parts of Eastern Asia. It is commonly used as a model organism to study legume nitrogen fixation and mycorrhizal symbiosis due to its rapid growth, small size, and simple genetic transformation. It is a diploid plant with a genome size of 472 Mb.


Genome release:


Sato, S., Nakamura, Y., Kaneko, T., Asamizu, E., Kato, T., Nakao, M., Sasamoto, S., Watanabe, A., Ono, A., Kawashima, K. and Fujishiro, T., 2008. Genome structure of the legume, Lotus japonicus. DNA research, 15(4), pp.227-239.

Content written by Galyna Vakulenko Summer Intern 2018