Gossypium raimondii

Gossypium raimondii is a wild species of cotton native to Peru. Many species of the Gossypium genus have undergone polyploidization, but G. raimondii remains a diploid. As such, it has served as a good model to study polyploidy. It is not cultivated around the world like one of the most economically important crops in the world, Gossypium hirsutum. However,  G. raimondii is resistant to many environmental stresses and its genome could be used to find candidate genes to improve the yield and quality of fibers obtained from Gossypium hirsutum. The G. raimondii genome size is 761 Mb.


Genome release:


Wang, K., Wang, Z., Li, F., Ye, W., Wang, J., Song, G., Yue, Z., Cong, L., Shang, H., Zhu, S. and Zou, C., 2012. The draft genome of a diploid cotton Gossypium raimondii. Nature genetics, 44(10), p.1098.

Content written by Galyna Vakulenko Summer Intern 2018